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How it Works

Tax-Delinquent List:

We receive tax-delinquent lists from counties all over the country. These lists are public information and usually contain owner information such as name and address. We use these lists to contact owners of property with delinquent taxes to offer to buy unwanted property, or property that the owner just can no longer afford.

Updating Addresses:

Many times, the address on file with the county for the owner is no longer current. Using internet resources, we attempt to update these bad addresses. Occasionally, bad data is returned to us - so if you've received a mailer from us about a property you've never owned, or don't know anything about, please accept our apology! Please call if you wish to confirm that this property is not associated with your name.

Tax-Delinquent Properties:

Each state has its own unique system for handling tax-delinquent properties. In general, there are two systems - a tax lien system and a tax deed system.

Generally, in a tax lien system, a lien is sold against the delinquent property and there is a certain time allowed for the owner to reimburse the lienholder for the taxes owed plus penalties. If that time period runs out, the lienholder can apply for ownership to the property. If a lien has already been sold against your property, please contact us right away as time may be running out.

Generally, in a tax deed system, the property is sold outright at a public auction, and there is no chance to get the property back. Find the best site for gamblers in New Zealand! If a tax deed sale has been scheduled for your property, please call us immediately - we may be able to help.

Your representative at WBC property tax solutions can help determine where your property stands in the process, and give you local details that may be helpful. Call now at (214) 295-7567


Extensions are rarely granted in the later stages of tax delinquency. Contact your county tax collector to be sure.

Working With WBC Property Tax Solutions :

At WBC property tax solutions, our mission is to get cash into your hands for your tax-delinquent property as soon as possible. We can often work with inheritance/probate situations, even liens and judgements.

You WILL NOT have to pay the outstanding taxes out of your pocket - our offer will be net of those taxes, meaning you will receive the amount shown in our offer, in cash when closing is complete.

The Process:

After speaking with you briefly by phone, and quickly reviewing online information about your property, we'll agree on a purchase price and get you a purchase agreement by mail or courier. We, or a local partner, will then close on the property after title work is completed. This process can be completed in as little as 2 days if necessary - but please don't let your deadline get this close!

We may have other options available on a case-by-case basis - contact us today at (214) 295 - 7567


WBC property tax solutions pays cash for tax-delinquent properties. Days before foreclosure? Give us a shot! Call us to get cash in hand, often in days!

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