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Our Company

WBC property tax solutions is a small group of real estate investors located in Dallas, Texas. If you've received a call or letter from us, it's because we believe that a property you own appeared on a tax-delinquent list we received from the County.

Getting an installment or two behind on a property that you want to keep, including your own home, is not always such a big deal! If that's your situation, there probably isn't anything we should do together at this point.

However, if you've stopped paying taxes on a property because it's just become a hassle to deal with, call us now! Or, if you're falling further behind on taxes, and heading for tax auction/foreclosure, it's important not to let things go too far! We'll be happy to see what we can do to get cash into your hands right away.

Or, if you're unclear about your options, give us a call and we'll share any information with you that we have.

Our Mission

Regardless of your intentions for your property, our mission is to prevent ANY property from going through the tax foreclosure process - because that can result in a complete loss by the owner.

Our Vision

We'd love to see you take care of the taxes on your property, and many owners do just that. However, if you don't WANT to keep paying taxes on the property, or think you might need to sell your property after all, give us a call! Above all, we don't want to see the government or a greedy auction buyer take YOUR property from you.


WBC property tax solutions. pays cash for tax-delinquent properties. Days before foreclosure? Give us a shot! Call us to get cash in hand, often in days!

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