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Frequently Asked Questions:

Did you buy my property at tax sale?

No! We do not buy tax liens, or properties at tax auction. We have done nothing to cause the current situation with your property. We are here to help in any way we can - whether it be to provide more information if we have it, or to help you liquidate your tax-delinquent property.

Can your company give me a loan?

We are not lenders and are unable to provide loans.

Are you with the County?

No - we are independent real estate investors. We often make a better effort to find property owners than the county does - so that may be why you're hearing from us first.

What is your "interest" in this matter?

We have no interest in your personal business - if you prefer to keep your situation private, we understand. We are contacting you because we believe a property of yours is going through the tax-delinquent process, and we're intersted in purchasing it if you don't want it, or can no longer afford it.

Can you help me stay in my home?

We're sorry if the property we're contacting you about is your current residence. Unfortunately, many well-meaning state laws now prevent us from working with a homeowner to stay in their residence. Of course, if you're considering moving, we can then work with your property. Contact us for any options that may be available.

How much more time do I have to pay my delinquent taxes?

We contact property owners at all stages of the tax-delinquent process - so your best bet is to contact your county tax collector. If you're having trouble, your WBC property representative may be able to help.

I'm just a little bit late - why are you contacting me?!?!

If you have your situation "under control", please disregard our mailers! It's impossible for us to know each owner's situation before sending our materials.

Question Not Listed?

Call your rep at WBC property - we'll get quick answers for you!

WBC property tax solutions pays cash for tax-delinquent properties. Days before foreclosure? Give us a shot! Call us to get cash in hand, often in days!

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